Guidelines for Mass & Holy Communion

Dear Parishioners,


  • The Church will be open for personal prayer time during the following hours: Sunday: 7:30am to 1:30pm
    Monday: 8am to 4:30pm
    Tuesday: 10am to 7:30pm
    Wednesday: 8am to 5pm
    Thursday: 10am to 7:30pm
    Friday: Closed
    Saturday: 2:30pm to 5:30pm

  • Church will close for sanitization between Masses and open 30 minutes before Mass.

  • Weekday Masses are Monday and Wednesday at 8:30am and Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. 

  • Weekend Masses are Saturday Mass at 4pm and Sunday Masses at 8am, 10am and 12pm/noon. 

  • Confessions are available on Saturdays from 3pm-4pm and 7:30pm-8pm in the Chapel. On Saturday the church will be opened at 2:30pm before confessions start. The back two pews that are open in the church will be for prayer after confessions. 

  • Eucharistic Exposition (Adoration) are on Wednesdays in the church after the 8:30am morning Mass until 5pm.

  • Please realize that the pandemic is not over and attending Mass will not be free of risk of contracting COVID19. Please remain 6 feet from other people not in your household while in the church, wear a mask or face covering and please use hand sanitizer when entering or bring your own.

  • The general dispensation from Sunday and holy day obligation will continue.


  • For the distribution of Holy Communion, a single file line is necessary to maintain social distancing.

  • Ushers/volunteers masked and gloved will help ensure six feet distancing which are marked in red on the floor in church.

  • One side will go at a time.

  • For the health and safety of all, holy communion is to be received in the hand to avoid contact with individual’s saliva. 

  • Anyone who wishes to receive on the tongue should come up last in line.

  • When approaching the Presider, the communicant is to pull their mask below chin and present one hand resting on the palm of the other. If communicant has on gloves, they must be removed before receiving
    After responding “Amen” the communicant reverently places the Eucharist in his or her mouth and immediately replaces their mask. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available near the communion station if need by Presiders.

  • Presiders will be masked. 

  • For those who are gluten intolerant, special arrangements are to be made with the pastor/deacon prior to Mass. 

  • If a Eucharistic Minister wants to take communion to a family member that lives in the same household, please call the parish office (440-428-5164) for instructions.

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